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At Techknowledge Solutions, we help protect your company’s data and enhance your business operations. We know that keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention, so we maintain a highly skilled staff to ensure round the clock availability.

Many organizations find themselves overwhelmed by the rapidly changing IT environment and find it difficult to retain proper IT talent to meet their needs. Our managed IT services offer relief from mundane tasks and eliminate the need for in-house IT professionals, so you can focus all your resources on managing and running your business. We offer a cost-effective solution to IT service needs, which makes our variety of managed IT services an attractive alternative or supplement to traditional in-house IT service delivery.

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Proactive IT Services For the Modern World

Our team of highly qualified IT experts collaborate with businesses to implement the proactive enterprise-level IT solutions and practices to best meet their needs. We provide round-the-clock network and computer monitoring to help prevent problems before they occur.


IT system preventative maintenance and performance optimization for an instant response.


Spam and virus protection to reduce unwanted email and popups, behind a secure firewall.


24/7 server performance monitoring and alerts to reduce any potential downtime for operations.


Remote and onsite support for all IT services, including network and computing equipment.

Featured Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services allow businesses to delegate their IT tasks and processes to an expert third-party organization, such as IT Services, which specializes in handling these responsibilities. Our managed IT services proactively monitor systems, resolve issues, and perform work with an unparalleled level of expertise and efficiency. We maintain 24/7 availability, allowing our clients and their organizations to take nights and weekends off while we take care of the maintenance required after hours. Our managed IT service frees you from the time-consuming, but necessary tasks such as managing, monitoring, and patching your IT infrastructure on a regular basis.

Our team offers a wealth of experience and resources developed from years of actively managing multiple client accounts that have a plethora of needs and complexities–something that an in-house team would not necessarily cultivate. We provide customer-centric, remote and onsite IT support.

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Customers & Performance First
  • Managed IT services provide you with more reliable performance at a lower cost than traditional in-house IT.
  • Get regular reports of support activity, maintenance, and recommendations for updates to your IT infrastructure.
  • We offer strategic planning to implement and optimize IT service features that enable your business goals.
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Customers & Performance First
Options For Businesses Of Every Size

Whether you are a new business and need help getting things running from the ground up, or an established organization with complex IT needs, we offer superior services to stay safe and competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

IT Services For Any Business Needs
Through managed IT services, businesses can reap the benefits of receiving IT support at a significantly reduced cost versus hiring and training a comparable team in-house.
Small Businesses
For small businesses or organizations that are just getting started and do not want to maintain an internal IT department, a managed IT service offers the flexibility to focus on what matters.
Medium-Sized Businesses
More established businesses may opt for co-managed IT services, so they can maintain an internal IT department while taking advantage of a managed partner.
Large Enterprises
Many larger enterprises require constant attention and hands-on troubleshooting and maintenance, from co-managed IT services to tailored solutions that best fit your business.
managed it service
Benefits of Managed IT Services

Get increased productivity from the technology you use daily and reduced the total costs of IT problems and the resulting downtime. By having a set spend and reliable provider for IT services, businesses of any size can focus on growing their business without worrying about day-to-day IT issues or requirements.

  • Meet & Exceed IT Regulatory Compliance For Your Industry
  • Mitigate Risk Through Security Expertise & Enacted Policies
  • Rest Assured That Your IT Infrastructure Is Up To Date
  • Proactively Fix Issues Before They Disturb Operations
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