About Us

About Techknowledge Solutions

At Techknowledge Solutions, We help protect your company’s data and enhance your business operations. We know that keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention, so we maintain a highly skilled staff to ensure round the clock availability.

Many organizations find themselves overwhelmed by the rapidly changing IT environment and find it difficult to retain proper IT talent to meet their needs. Our managed IT services offer relief from mundane tasks and eliminate the need for in-house IT professionals, so you can focus all your resources on managing and running your business. We offer a cost-effective solution to IT service needs, which makes our variety of managed IT services an attractive alternative or supplement to traditional in-house IT service delivery.

Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision

We aim to deliver highly available, secure, and flexible IT systems that eliminate IT issues before they cause expensive downtime or frustration. Techknowledge Solutions provides managed IT services so that you can utilize technology to turn your business goals and ambitions into reality.

Our Mission

At Techknowledge Solutions, we seek to provide expert IT service and solutions to all our customers. We leverage our professional team’s years of dedication, knowledge, and experience to propel your business forward. Our team serves every size business to provide reliable IT support.

Our convenient managed IT services allow businesses to focus on operations while we handle every aspect of IT needs and support


Our experts work efficiently alongside internal IT departments to offer flexibility, and to help with maintenance tasks and processes.


Enjoy the full benefits of a secure and expertly managed data center without the costs associated with buying and running equipment.


Make phone calls anytime, anywhere. We ensure instant connectivity and clear communication to keep your organization running smoothly.


We offer multiple cloud platforms and use the latest technologies and secure cloud architectures to ensure maximum uptime.


Our security service proactively addresses and tackle IT security concerns to keep critical data safe and give you peace of mind.


Techknowlege Solutions offers a convenient professional testing center in northern Virginia