Modern Business Lives In The Cloud

The cloud is comprised on web-hosted applications that store and provide access to data over the Internet, as opposed to conventional storage using a computer’s hard drive. Cloud services were originally used as storage solutions, but now offer a variety of options for business, such as cloud-based email, servers, desktops, applications, and more.

Through cloud computing, managed IT services have expanded beyond the normal parameters of IT functionality. Cloud-based, managed IT solutions can now scale at a much faster rate than in-house IT operations to offer more flexibility and convenience.


Our cloud migration service allows you to move data, applications, and other business elements to a new cloud computing environment–so you don’t lose any information and benefit from updated features. 

  • Get peace of mind.
  • Work smarter.
  • Gain efficiency.

By opting for cloud migration, you can host business essential applications and data in the most effective IT environment. Spend less money combatting performance and security issues, with a new cloud platform to house and protect all your data.


At Techknowledge Solutions we offer cloud monitoring service to keep your cloud operations secure, fast, and running smoothly. Our monitoring service allows us to find and resolve issues before they can cause downtime or outages for your business.




We help you stay ahead of and eliminate issues, through our advanced cloud-monitoring service.


Techknowledge Solutions offers multiple cloud platforms and use the latest technologies and secure cloud architectures to ensure maximum uptime. Whether you’re running critical business applications, storing large amounts of data, or simply adjusting to temporary spikes in web traffic, our cloud solutions adjust seamlessly to meet your needs.

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