Techknowledge Solutions Security

Our managed cyber security helps protect your business and users from potential threats, malicious attacks, and data breaches. In today’s evolving business landscape and fast-paced world, many IT systems struggle to stay ahead of security concerns. Don’t risk the security of your organizations’ confidential data or documentation; when it comes to keeping critical information safe, there is no room for error.

Our advanced cyber security can ensure your business meets and even exceeds security compliance requirements, to stay ahead of potential threats.

Constant Vigilance. Security Training. Actionable Policies. Quick Remediation.

Vulnerability Audit

We perform vulnerability audits on your organization to determine how to best prevent malicious attacks, ensure cyber threats are eliminated, and protect your business.

Techknowledge Solutions assesses you IT infrastructure, system, network, and compliance with regulatory bodies in order to seek out and eliminate vulnerabilities before they cause problems with your organizations’ security.

  • Identify potential gaps IT infrastructure
  • Detect threats as they arise, to mitigate risk
  • Evaluate the best course of action & support
  • Respond to security attacks and issue alerts
  • Protect critical data through security protocols

We fix security threats before they become security issues.

Techknowledge Solutions has over 15 years of experience identifying security risks and outlining actionable steps to improve the network security for businesses across a variety of critical industries.

From payment card industry compliance to healthcare, finance, and education, we ensure standards for IT security are met. As an experienced managed service provider, we offer unique insight into the best methods for protecting your business.

Because human error is the top cause of security breaches, our goal is to train clients to better protect themselves and reduce the security threats in their IT environment. We identify risks and provide suggestions to prevent security breaches that can lead to data loss or corruption.

Stay safe with:

  • Updated Security Protocols
  • Patch Management
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Response
  • Trained Staff To Answer Questions