Co-managed IT Services

Your IT Department Does Enough, Let Us Handle The Rest. When your IT department is overwhelmed with urgent problems or needs assistance handling certain aspects of IT services, we have the resources to pick up where they leave off.

Techknowledge Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of managed IT services to meet all your IT infrastructure, security, data center, VoIP, and cloud operations and storage needs. We deliver technical expertise along with resource availability and tools to lower your IT support load and costs. Our team of experts assist your company’s own internal IT by managing help-desk solutions, backups, and security, or any of our other comprehensive IT services, which allows your internal IT department to focus on other aspects of IT within the business.


Instead of appointing a new CIO, allow us to take on the responsibility of virtual CIO (VCIO). We collaborate with and advise your IT department, performing the same function as a conventional CIO. From planning IT budgets and facilitating technology changes and updates to formulating strategic IT goals and analyzing business processes, we have the ability to perform all the duties done by a CIO.


We deliver cost-effective, expert IT consulting, for instances when you need help with specific aspects of IT service. Our experienced consultants are industry professionals that offer advice, guidance, and actionable insights to help you get the most out of your IT service. Have a problem you aren’t sure how to solve? Not sure which direction to go to fix the latest IT issue within your organization? Looking for an updated solution for an antiquated problem? Call on our IT consultation services–we work with you to figure it out and offer a solution.

IT Staff Support

Our team of IT experts are always available to answer your questions and handle any issues that arise. IT staff support is a great solution for organizations that are short staffed or facing multiple areas of IT service without enough resources. Get the right support team to achieve the outcome you want; call on our IT staff to support your in-house IT team when things get hectic.

Contract Based Professionals

Gain access to IT professionals with unique skillsets and expertise at a reduced cost compared to hiring individuals on a full-time basis. Ensure that your IT operations are always up to date with the latest information, technologies, and processes to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.