Make phone calls anytime, anywhere. We ensure instant connectivity and clear communication to keep your organization running smoothly. Explore telecommunication options for your business.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a way to engage voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. Our VoIP service offers a variety of features to transform business operations well beyond what is possible with traditional landline communications–such as call filtering, voicemail forwarding, allowing phone extensions for remote users, voicemail access via Internet, voice to text message conversion, and more!


Choose from our variety of VoIP options, such as:

Skype For Business





Verizion Business Digital Voice

Most businesses are on-board with VoIP services and what they can do for their operations and productivity. The difficult choice is often whether to opt for hosted VoIP or on-site VoIP. At Techknowledge Solutions, we can help you assess your business needs to decide which options is best a best fit.

On-Site VoIP

A premise-based, onsite VoIP system allows complete control of your telecommunication system and operations and may be a better fit if telecommunication or IT is a core function of your business. This selection offers cost effective lease options for a low monthly cost and puts the physical equipment in your hands.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is an especially attractive option, since the only equipment a business needs is in-office phones. We maintain the required hardware and software, so there is no required investment from you. Techknowledge Solutions delivers cloud-based service to all your devices, including those in remote locations.


Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help maintain and service any issues with your VoIP system. Rest easy with the knowledge that all patching, updates, and troubleshooting are taken care of.