Data Center

Enjoy the full benefits of a secure and expertly managed data center without the costs associated with buying and running equipment.

Our data center service centralizes your business’ IT operations and equipment to better store and manage your data. We monitor and maintain key IT infrastructural equipment round the clock, freeing up more time and resources for you to focus on day-to-day business operations.


Boost Network Speed & Connectivity

We connect both physical and virtual servers, data center services, storage, and external connectivity to end-user locations. Our data center network (DCN) interconnects all of the data center resources together to pool resources and optimize functionality.


Preserve Your Business Data

We backup and archive the data, applications, and infrastructure of our data center using a variety of manual and automated tools and techniques to ensure no data loss–giving you greater peace of mind. Backups serve as a safeguard against technology failure and information loss to ensure you are never at risk of losing what matters most.


Keep Critical Information Safe

Our state-of-the-art data center policies, practices, and precautions are in place to avoid unauthorized access or manipulation of resources. From protecting your documents, to keeping your network safe from external threats, we utilize many different physical practices and virtual technologies to keep our data center secure.


Modern data center software allows for monitoring and control of all networks and devices connected across an organization, to more easily provide application delivery, troubleshooting, and reporting across the network. This software allows us to run efficient operations and improve infrastructure planning and design.


Save Space & Reduce Costs

We house the equipment needed for IT operations and storage of your organization’s data, including servers, storage hardware, cables and racks, and more. Free up physical space and reduce costs by allowing Techknowledge Solutions to provide and operate the data center hardware needed to maintain your business operations.